YES Organic Intimacy Week- Gifted samples and press package

YES Organic Intimacy Week, run by YES, is a campaign from the 31st of August to the 6th of September dedicated to shouting the importance of organic sex-related products and I was kindly gifted their press package.

Their mission is to ‘change the world fro the inside’ and it is something I completely believe in too. From what we put into our bodies both physically and spiritually, to what we put onto them is something we should all take more notice of, especially intimate health. Many mainstream products contain parabens or hormones which can cause irritation or tissue damage, which is scary to think that we directly apply these products to our body willingly. American Journal of Public Health states that around 60% of what we put onto our skin ends up in our blood stream – particularly the most sensitive parts such as around the vagina and penis. Therefore, it should be clear what we need to do right? We need to find sex-related products which are organic and safe and that’s where YES come into play.

The products

I was kindly gifted three samples of their lubricants, as well as a cute tote bag which I will be sporting about in, at any given opportunity! YES have ten different product types/packs that you can purchase but we will be discussing the ones we luckily received- for more visit

YES’s water-based lubricants are compatible with rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms as well as silicone sex toys whilst their plant-based lubricants are not condom compatible (that is very important to note!)


This is a silky gel water-based lubricant which is non-sticky, odor and taste free and feels just like my natural lubricant. The lack of taste and smell is a big plus in my books and means distraction from the main event is limited! It is great in enhancing sexual pleasure and sensitivity… I’m calling it my invisible helper! I would highly recommend this lube for individuals who dislike the taste and smell of mainstream lubes, as well as those who wish for a natural sexual experience with a almost invisible lubrication.


This is a plant-oil based, longer-lasting, certified organic lubricant that can be used as an intense massage oil. This would be perfect for sensual massages during foreplay and intimate moments to allow perfect prolonged love-making! Who says lubricant has to be just for intercourse!


Can you guess what this lubricant is for?… Well its for anal sex and is iso-tonic and pH matched specifically for it -wow right, who knew!? This is a rich, natural water-based lubricant gel that really gets the job done. It is an intensive lubricant which is perfect for anal penetration.

Let’s talk about the truth of harmful chemicals in personal health products

You may not know much about how harmful the chemicals are in your personal health products are, I didn’t, but YES have opened my eyes to a world I simply cannot be a-part of anymore. A common place term of late is ‘greenwashing’ which is used to describe brands that make claims to being organic yet have not been certified by a third party, this is dangerous especially in the world of personal health products such as lubricants.


Parabens were used in the 1950s as preservatives for health and beauty products, preventing mould and the growth of bacteria whilst also prolonging the shelf life of products. However, in recent studies, parabens have been linked to causing breast cancer and are a cause for concern, though claims have not be proven, its better to be safe than sorry. YES do not include any parabens.


Used as an ingredient in soaps and shower gels for its moisturizing purposes, however when used in intimate areas, glycerine can cause thrush and even can damage the mucus membranes. So keep clear of glycerine if you wish to stay clear of UTIs and yeast infections!

Silicone Oils

YES avoid silicone oils in their products due to the inability for the skin to breathe when using these oils. Additionally, there is a wide array of concerns and information regarding unwanted side-effects as a result of silicone based oils.

Let’s talk about YES

YES have been give the stamp of approval in terms of their sourcing of ingredients, formulation procedures, clean premises and great packaging by The Soil Association, Bristol UK. YES place great importance on brand transparency so you know exactly what you are paying for, accessible labels meaning customers can easily read the ingredients list and environmental kindness.

YES products are also aimed towards female (biological) empowerment, making sure vaginas are happy! Their products are also helpful for women post-menopause that seek a natural alliterative to hormone replacement therapy. YES offers pioneering range of pH matched, intimate lubricants and moisturizers, recommended by healthcare professionals worldwide – and Soft Limit- made without parabens, silicone, hormones or glycerin. They are also approved by the Vegetarian Society.

The skin is the biggest organ and deserves the respect and love that it deserves, so why not switch to a safe and organic personal health product that you know will have no damaging impacts, not only to you but the planet. Sustainable sex is the new IN thing and its one that’s not going anywhere, any time soon. The sex industry has a measurable impact on the environment with 222.9 million tonnes of waste being a result of sex-related products (Glamour Magazine). I myself buy second-hand, have a vegetarian/vegan diet and try my best to reduce my carbon footprint but we aren’t all perfect, however, we can make small changes and when its as pleasurable as choosing YES lube… its easy peasy!

For more, check out our recent IG post as well as heading over to – follow YES on Twitter @YES_Lube IG @yes_organics and Facebook @yesyesyesco

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